Global Crypto-Currency Trading Platform


IBITx proprietary crypto-currency escrow services, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy.


IBITX is a Dynamic new type

of currency exchange which matches new Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs)

And those interested in buying those currencies in a single platform for “Offerings” as well as a “free market” trading system for an after market trading of all available Crypto and Virtual Currencies registered on the platform.




IBITX Platform is built to handle any virtual currency and Initial Coin Offering, where by all of the competitors are limited to a handful of crypto-currency user groups.

IBITX completes only the “record” of the trade on the system, a proprietary Virtual Currency

Escrow service completes the transaction “offline” to enable full security to both the seller and buyer of currency


An all in one portal that covers the public visible Digital Asset markets

The platform is one of the first crypto exchanges to integrate both Crowd Sales and Crypto Currencies FIAT exchange platforms.

The software that runs IBITX is currently operating on a three-tier market for trading currencies

The software centralizes the role of clearing and settlement, escrow, accounts, investors, brokers, and listed Currencies

IBITX partner Financial Service Provider intends to set-up accounts at all Wallets available for receiving and sending Currencies and Coins.

IBITx is a team of veteran financing and technology professionals dedicated to the creation of a new efficient capital markets.

Our purpose is to help grow each Virtual Currency’s liquidity and investor base, with transparency and Governance