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The is a privately operated Online ICO and Coin Trading System as a portal for operation and use by licensed broker dealers or credible advisors internationally. The Brokerage House sponsors the companies within the system for listing accept for currencies with track records which are listed on merit, enabling for investors within their brokerage house or within other brokerage houses utilizing the system to purchase Coins in the Coin Offerings or for trade. The is a self-regulated system.

The Standard/Main/Prime market and ICO Placement market was established to provide early stage ICO projects and companies with access to capital, uniting the capital markets across Crypto Currencies and globally for Direct Investment.

Information about companies listed gives the company exposure that is restricted to qualified investors such as professional investors or investors that have taken suitable professional advice. Such investors are better placed to evaluate the information provided to the market and more likely to get involved in higher risk investments. Existing coin holders in each company are also able to access this information.

Your Application

This application description provides you with all the forms required to be completed by a company looking to join the

Each step is included within our online application form, including Company Application, Director Declaration and Documentation.

Begin filling in the form by signing up and choose Verify as an Issuer option

Each company looking for a membership will need to:

  • Fill in the online form or download the admission documents and email the electronic copies to

Each Director of the Issuing Company will need to:

  • Supply formal identification and proof of address
  • Any non-director that owns, or controls, a shareholding equal to, or more than 20% of the issued share capital or ICO capital of the Issuing Company will need to complete:
  • A Controlling Shareholder must supply formal identification and proof of address, or if a corporate entity details any shareholder with more than a 50% holding in that corporate entity.
Any company applying to will also need to supply the following information:
  • Offering document or prospectus within the local jurisdiction if required
  • Financial Statements of the Issuing Company with 5 year projections with the current management accounts
  • Incorporation documents, Board Minutes, Articles and Memorandums
  • A Board Resolution stating the Board of the Company and its shareholders accept joining as a member and opening an account at
  • Third Party Valuations, Research, Reports, Studies, and material documents or contracts
  • License, Trademark, or Patent numbers
  • Proof of ownership and opinion of being unencumbered for properties, licenses, land claims, mineral claims from a Lawyer within the jurisdiction of the Claim or any asset being used as security
  • A letter by an accountant of the jurisdiction stating the company is in good standing and that they are engaged by the Directors
  • A letter by a lawyer within the jurisdiction stating the company is in good standing and that they are engaged by the Directors
  • A letter from a Bank, stating the Company is in good standing and has a Bank Account, with Banking details for wiring funds, inclusive needs to be a character reference
  • Possibly a due diligence report from a local Broker, Introducer, or Professional competent in the preparation and investigation of Companies and Individuals
  • In the case of an investing company, it must furnish with details of its investing policy, applicable local licenses to operate
  • Signed Agreement as a Company entering the membership of the Online Coin Offering and Trading System
  • Resolution issuing the Shares for custodianship to IbitX broker of choice for deposit by the Company

Application Process

Companies applying to join will need to appoint a suitable market professional approved by to act as a Broker or Introducer.

These market members are responsible for putting together the Application on behalf of prospective ICOs made by issuing companies.

You may choose a market broker during the sign-up process.

Any Application to become an Issuing Company must be made at least 30 working days prior to the expected date of Admission. will not commence the review of an Application until it has confirmed that it has received all the required documentation.

All Admission, Application Fees and the Annual Fees are payable prior to being admitted to the market. The schedule of fees are as follows:

  • Account Opening Set-up Fee and Due Diligence: $3,000
  • Annual Account Fee: $5,000
  • Custodianship of Shares: 0.5% per annum
  • Transaction Facilitation, Broker, and System Fee: 10% of all funds raised on the system held in Escrow as escrow and system fee (paid upon receipt)

Commission on Trades 

  • 10% commission on capital raised (ICO) (3 percent Investor broker, 3 percent sponsor broker, 4 percent funding portal)
  • Quotation Board Trade Commissions: 3 percent total broken into 1.5 percent seller and 1.5 percent buyer (0.75 sell broker, 0.75 sell broker, 1.5 percent to the funding portal)
  • Currency Conversion Fees 3% ON BUY OR SELL SIDE
  • Physical Coin Fee – $20.00
  • Extraction to third party Wallet Fee: $100 or coin equivalent
  • Administration Fee – $50 PROCESSING
  • SMS Alerts  (TBA)
  • Fiduciary Charges
  • Wire Fees ($100) ICO Market

  • Issuer Registration/ICO Set-up ($1,000 due diligence)
  • Commission on Investments (10% – no brokers)
  • ICO Structure Consultancy ($5,000 Package)
  • Social Media Consultancy ($5,000 Package)
  • Currency Conversion (3%)
  • Return of Funds to investor after cancellation (Cancellation fee- up to $200 per transaction)
  • Return of Funds to all Investors when ICO Fails (Cost of Wire)
  • Bank Charges associated with successful ICO (Cost of wire, Admin Fee, and % of funds)

Any prospective Issuing Company must be aware of their obligations to the Market and must adhere to the Rules for Issuing Companies of the market on which they are quoted at all times.

Companies may require a due diligence report to be written by a local market broker or bank, or professional who can confirm the assets, offering, and identity of the Directors, and will need to submit local due diligence report as part of their application.

Completed Applications and additional information should be sent by the appointed Company signed by the Broker, Directors, and Shareholders holding over 20% of the company, inclusive of a Board Resolution from the Company of which the decision has been made to join the Online ICO and Coin Trading System as a method of facilitating the sale of the Crypto Currency.

Applications must be sent

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