About Us

IBITX Software Inc, is a State of New York Company

Is a virtual and crypto-currency focussed FinTech company that develops software for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as Crowd Sales, and the open trading of the currencies in a “market” like environment as an exchange platform from FIAT to Crypto-Currencies. IBITX Software is a Publicly Traded Company on the US Over The Counter Bulletin Market as a non-reporting OTC company (Symbol: IBXS).


The platform is one of the first crypto exchanges to integrate both Crowd Sales and Crypto Currencies FIAT exchange platforms as one global trading platform.


The software centralizes the role of clearing and settlement, escrow, accounts, investors, brokers, and listed Currencies or digital assets into one multi-functional exchange platform.


The platform is partnered with a New Zealand Financial Service Provider, and other Brokers and Institutions to supply reliable third party licensed escrow services and Forex or Crypto Exchange Accounts for clients.

IBITX is an all in one portal that covers the public visible Digital Asset markets

individual administrative panels for brokers, investors, escrow, and administration, while securing every transaction is completed and automated according to high security standards and compliance.

The software that runs IBITX is currently operating on a three-tier market for trading currencies separated by Standard, Main, and Prime markets and one market for Initial Coin Offerings (Crowd Sales).

Any size Crypto Coin can list on IBITX, and the tier they list on depends on the disclosures defined by the Rule’s of the broker and platform acting as the Custodian and Sponsor.