Trading Board

Companies wishing to issue ICOs and list coins have three primary method from which to choose, namely listing by introduction which already has the required distribution and operation history, listing by placement of which an ICO has already occurred to at least 10 or more people, and listing by initial coin offering.

Listing by Introduction

Listing by introduction is for ICOs wanting to list its coins, increase coin holder value, without raising new capital.

Approximate time for listing : 1-2 weeks (if accounts are in order)

Listing by Placement

Listing by placement is for Coins who wish to raise additional capital through issuing new Coins through a private network. It does not constitute an offer to public. The Coins will be publically available for trading once it is approved for listing if they met the 10 ICO holders minimum, and the allotted Coins for the system can then be offered to the “members” of the IBitX platform.
Approximate time for listing : 3-4 weeks (subject to coin placement with investor)

General Requirements

  1. All submission must be in English
  2. The directors of a company offering an ICO or listing must not have the power to allot or issue coins without prior approval of the market
  3. Coins must be eligible for electronic settlement within another Wallet, Exchange, or at least a private wallet of the Coin itself
  4. Companies website must provide :
    Founders of the Coin
    HQ Address
    HQ Phone Number
    HQ Email Address
  5. All information must disclosed on IBITx no later than it is disclosed elsewhere.

Trading Hours

The exchange will trade 24/7 unless otherwise posted as a “freeze” or “halt” due to regulatory news or requests.

Cost of Listing for Main Board/ Standard Board (Prime Board has no Upfront Fee)

EquitiesApplication FeesAnnual Fees
Up to USD 10 millionMain USD 5,000 Standard USD 3,000USD 5,000 Standard USD 3000
Every USD 10m incrementMain USD 1,000 Standard USD $500Main USD 1,000 Standard USD $500

Trading Fees

CO Trading Fee1.50%
Off Market Trades2.00%
Clearing Fee2.00%
Monthly Account FeeUSD 10.00
Opening AccountUSD 100 (Free 12 months Account Fee)
Trade VolumeMin. 1 lot ( 1 lot equivalent to 100 coins )


  • The application fee and annual fee are based on ICO market capitalisation
  • For new applicants, fees are based on the Market Capitalisation at the time of
    admission. Subsequent fees are based on the highest Market Capitalisation during the year
  • Admission fees for all the board will be payable by way of an upfront non-refundable USD 3,000 application fee and the balance becomes payable upon admission approval
  • The rate published are as at 1st September 2017
  • All fees shown are exclusive of 15% Value Added Tax
  • The initial annual fee must be receive at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of trading. The annual fee is payable covers the 12 months period from the date of admission
  • Subsequent annual fee are invoiced before 30 days prior to the anniversary of the admission date. All subsequent annual fees are payable within 30 days of the invoice date by electronic transfer. Transfer must quote the invoice number as reference